Construction Arbitration

Construction arbitration normally occurs between a contractor and subcontractors, between contractors and suppliers, or between construction workers and end-users who may have disputes. An experienced arbitrator can mean the difference between a successful adjudication or further frustration and setback.

Commercial Arbitration

Commercial arbitration is a means of resolving business disputes between two or more parties outside of a formal court system. An experienced arbitrator can save time and money by fairly resolving a dispute.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The advantage of ADR is that it allows the parties themselves to control the process and the solution to their disputes. With an experienced, neutral third-party, the ADR process can be far more effective and agreeable than traditional litigation.


Boge Arbitration has over 25 years of experience in arbitration as both an advocate and neutral. With experience as a sole arbitrator, panel member, and, most often, as chair of many panels of arbitrators, Samantha Boge has successfully adjudicated claims which total in excess of $100 million.

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Samantha Boge understands and relates to all parties involved in arbitration because she has represented so many plaintiffs and defendants as a litigator. Ms. Boge is analytical and creative, focusing on the facts at issue in the case.

In her extensive experience, Ms. Boge has resolved numerous complex business and insurance matters, using her skills as a mediator to achieve consensus among the parties.

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Boge Arbitration is committed to the principles of neutrality and impartiality. As an arbitrator, Ms. Boge hears both sides of an issue and makes a fair and just award.

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